Tri Motrat Episodi i 85

Tri Motrat Episodi i 85

t’s not every day the unknown number which flashes up on your phone turns out to be a call from Hollywood star Ryan Reynolds.

Even fewer footballers can say they were having a pre-game massage only to be wide eyed as Will Ferrell casually dropped by to say ‘hi’.

And how often do promoted teams squads get treated to a break in Las Vegas as a reward?

But as striker Elliot Lee says: “The surreal at Wrexham becomes normal.”

ou ask any of the lads, we laugh about it sometimes. I remember when Will Ferrell walked in we all just laughed at each other. This is before a game. I was like ‘this is crazy.’ That is just what it is.

“We are going to be going out to America soon [for a pre-season tournament] and it will be crazy again.

“It’s just Wrexham. That is literally what I have tried to tell people back home. It is hard to describe until you get here.”

Lee joined the so-called Hollywood club in July 2022, scoring twice on his debut. He went on to play a key role in Wrexham’s extraordinary National League title success to end a 15-year wait for a return to the Football League.




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