Përmbytjet në Itali: 13 viktima, mijëra të evakuar dhe VIDEO

Përmbytjet në Itali: 13 viktima, mijëra të evakuar dhe VIDEO

The catastrophic consequences left behind the floods of two days ago, which the Italian authorities compare to the consequences of a powerful earthquake.

Two elderly people were found dead this Thursday in their apartment in Ravenata. The balance of victims has reached 13 in total. Thousands of people have been evacuated, another 10,000 are counted as homeless and more than 27,000 residents are still without electricity in Emilia Romania, which has been brought to its knees by the disaster.

The costs of the damages are huge and the authorities estimate them at several billion euros. The floods hit 37 towns and settlements, where at least 120 landslides were recorded. The overflow of 20 rivers has flooded thousands of hectares of agricultural land.

Emergencies Ministry officials said that 500 millimeters of rain fell within 36 hours. This is half of the amount that falls all year in the region of Emilia Romagna. The government will soon declare a state of emergency and will turn to Brussels for the creation of a solidarity fund to help cope with these catastrophic damages.


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