Arbenita Ismajli warns that dark days are coming

Arbenita Ismajli warns that dark days are coming

The case of Arbenita and Fero has been much discussed in recent days.

Arbenita has engaged the lawyer Arianit Koci for this case.

recommended byNëa post that Arianiti posted after 22:00, is seen accompanied by the model.

The lawyer writes: “It seems that Arbenita has taken this judicial process against the rapper very seriously, writes “Kosovarja”

The well-known showbiz couple, Arbenita Ismajli and Fero, have been in the media’s attention since a few days ago, Arbenita published a photo of a girl who had sent private messages to Fero.

The girl in question was a model who reacted to the media and even a video was published between her and Fero behind the scenes of a concert.


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